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Presently Chief Executive Officer of my personal company: HIGH QUALITY DRILLS Italia.

I graduated from Università di Bologna in 1977.

I spent 36 years of my life working with Soilmec. I have been privileged to work in different positions and with great organisations throughout the course of my career.

In 2009, I was the Global Sales Director at Soilmec, an international company leader in design, manufacture, and distribution of equipment for the ground engineering industry.

My career has taken me to the 7 continents. I have visited all the countries in the Middle East, been to all Russian speaking countries, Far East countries, Australia, North America, South America, several European countries and African countries. Total visited: 97 countries.

Success achieved include Equipments sold, Subsidiaries established, Dealer network started, Agent appointed to cover all the 97 countries.

I have mastered the full range of geotechnical engineering processes for civil work sectors including:

  • HydroPower Dams
  • Coastal , Marine Projects
  • Above Ground, Ground and Underground Transportation Projects
  • Factories, Manufacturing and other Industries and
  • Real Estate ( Urban , Remote project sites amongst others )


I have accomplished a lot and made my impact in my field. A few of my clients include; Keller Holdings GmBH, Orascom Group, Arab contractors, Orascom, Sajco, Ariel Gabay, Shikun&Binui, Osnova Group, Bachy-Soletanche and Bauer.


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